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Mar 21

2 Girls Teach Sex – 60 Minute Stamina Masters Club Video Tutorials + eBooks


A program from 2GTS designed to show any guy how to last 60 FULL MINUTES or more in bed. The course is taught by some of the best porn stars in the industry. Without Stamina, You Can Never Truly Please Your Woman – Women need a guy with stamina in order to have penetration orgasms. If you can’t last AT LEAST 20 minutes you can all but forget about giving her an orgasm from penetration… Read more on next page.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

The 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars
60 Minute Stamina In Action
60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos
The Instant Stamina Cure
Bonus # 1: Evan Stone’s Stamina Workout
Bonus # 2: The Stamina Masters Club – Free 14-Day Trial
Bonus # 3: 60 Minute Stamina Live Training Webinar with Marcus London
First 100 People : Webinar with Ron Jeremy

Sex Secret # 1:
Without Stamina, You Can Never Truly Please Your Woman

We women need a guy with stamina in order to have penetration orgasms. If you can’t last AT LEAST 20 minutes you can all but forget about giving her an orgasm from penetration.

I know you might be thinking – well, I’ll go down on her.

Most guys think the same. And they get REALLY GOOD at going down and fingering girls to compensate…

But here’s the problem – We women are GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED to want YOU inside of us!

Sex Secret # 2:
Most Men Suffer From Premature Ejaculation!

That’s right… MOST!

It’s said that 65% of men can’t last more than 5 minutes in bed. 65 PERCENT!

It’s even become a cliche on tv and in movies – everyone knows the meaning of the phrase “2 Pump Chump”… and with 2 out of 3 guys suffering from this problem… nearly all women have dated one!

I, unfortunately, have dated a LOT.

So if you have this problem now… don’t feel like you’re alone… and don’t feel like there isn’t a solution!

You can fix this, fast… and it’s a whole lot easier than you think…

Sex Secret # 3:
If You Don’t Fix This Problem, Women Will FEEL IT When They Meet You

I’m sure you’ve heard that #1 thing we woman look for in a man is CONFIDENCE.

Well, it’s true!

But what most guys don’t think about is where this confidence comes from…

They think they can get confident by working out… or making a lot of money… or dressing well…

And yeah… that stuff helps… but what most guys don’t understand is this…

You can’t have real confidence with a woman… unless you have SEXUAL CONFIDENCE!

It’s the BACKBONE of everything you do.

If you’re not confident with yourself in bed… YOU KNOW IT… and women can sense it.

I don’t care how much money you make, how many tattoos you have, or what kind of car you drive. If you’re not sexually confident, none of it means ANYTHING to a woman.

Women FEEL this stuff… just like bees and dogs can smell fear.

So if you’re not sexually confident, we women can feel it when we meet you.

And sometimes without even knowing why – we start to get turned off.

Sex Secret # 4:
Guys Who Do Have Stamina Not Only KEEP Women… But Get More Women!

So I just shared with you that we girls NEED good old penetration sex…

… that MOST men can’t last long enough to please us…

… and that if you can’t last long, it’s probably hurting your sexual confidence… which hurts your chances with us.

But now I have some good news for you…

With that mind… think about what life is like when you CAN last 60 minutes or more in bed…

I’m talking about long enough to give a girl intense penetration orgasms… 4, 5, or 6 in one session!

You never have to worry about a woman leaving you – after you sleep with her just once, she is YOURS!

When you meet a woman she picks up on your Sexual Confidence… and immediately begins thinking of what it would be like to sleep with you (women even start to get nervous around you!)

You get a lot more girls, and higher quality girls

Sex is much more fun for you… nothing compares to the feeling of having a girl shake quiver and SCREAM as she digs her nails into your back and cums all over your cock!

You walk around like you’re packing 10 inches no matter what your size now… because you know you can rock a girl’s world like almost NO other man can
It’s the truth…

Men With Great Stamina Have
A Massive Advantage
Over All Other Men!

Believe me when I say… being able to last 60 minutes in bed instantly and dramatically changes your life…

You have an advantage over all other men in nearly all categories:

The women you meet are more attracted to you

The women you date know you are RARE and will never leave you

The women you sleep with tell their girlfriends how good you are – and women approach you for sex because they’ve heard you’re a stud!
It skyrockets your confidence in every area of your life!

Sex Secret #5:
Lasting 60 Minutes In Bed Has Nothing To Do With Youth, “Freak” Genetics, Or Any Special Talent… Just Technique!

You know those hot dog eating contests where they see who can eat the most dogs in the fastest amount of time?

They’ve become pretty famous… it’s sponsored by Nathan’s fast-food restaurants and every year it’s on the news!

Well there’s this guy from Japan named Kobayashi… and he ALWAYS wins!

He once ate 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes! Can you imagine that?! The way I first heard about him was actually from a Chuck Norris joke!

It went like this:
“Chuck Norris once challenged world record holder Kobayashi to a 10 minute hot dog eating contest. Kobayashi ate 68 complete hot dogs and buns. Chuck Norris ate 112 complete hot dogs and buns, and one Kobayashi!”

So anyways… I was curious, and I google’d this Kobayashi guy…

I was expecting to see some huge sumo wrestler looking dude… but to my surprise… Kobayashi looked to be about the same size as ME! He stands 5’8 inches tall… and only weighs 129 pounds! So how the hell does he fit all of those hot dogs in his stomach?? I was curious so I looked around some more… and eventually found an interview with him…

In it, Kobayashi explained that it had nothing to do with his body weight… but with a special technique he had developed… and this technique allowed him to… Eat more hot dogs faster than anyone else in the world! The reporter got Kobayashi to teach him the technique, on the promise that he wouldn’t print the actual technique in his article…

And then the reporter went and tried it out with the cameras rolling. They set the clock for 10 minutes… and the reporter started eating…He got off to slow start… but before you knew it he was wolfing them down! And by the time the 10 minutes were up, the reporter had eaten 29 and a half dogs!

Can you believe that?

The reporter didn’t have any previous experience, or any special skills. The most hot dogs he had ever eaten before at one time was 3! It was the TECHNIQUE that made all the difference.

And guess what?

The same holds true for controlling your manhood! You just need to learn a few simple tricks – the same tricks the “pros” use to last through a long porno shoot – and you’ll be able to get hard, stay hard, and LAST as long as you want! No matter how hot the girl… how hard the sex… or what types of crazy things you are doing in bed!


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